Antarctica Express Cruise 7 days / 6 nights

Antarctica express cruise to avoid Drake Passage

  • Combination visit to Cape Horn and Antarctica.
  • It combines boat and plane, which avoids crossing the Drake and speeds up the expedition time.
  • You travel on one of the most modern ships, the Magellan Explorer

If you are looking for a cheaper option, I recommend the Antarpply Antarctica Cruise.

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Fly to Antarctica with Antarctica21

The Antarctica air-cruise model : Antarctica21 is pioneering a new way of traveling to Antarctica, providing immediate access to the White Continent. Before Antarctica21, travelers could only reach the Antarctic Peninsula by a two-day sail through the stormy Drake Passage. Since 2003, their small-group expeditions have offered a more comfortable alternative: a two-hour flight from Punta Arenas, Chile, direct to Antarctica, avoiding the turbulent weather of the Drake Passage and allowing for a quick and complete immersion in the Antarctic adventure. ​​.

Plane with which you fly to Antarctica

Explore Antarctica : Their private yacht-style expedition ships offer direct access along the Antarctic coast, in areas that larger ships cannot reach. Due to the smaller number of travelers, disembarkations are faster and more efficient, allowing time on land to focus on enjoying every moment of this unparalleled travel experience.

Expedition ships:

Aero Cruise Antarctica 21 with the Magellan EXplorer
Aero Cruise Antarctica 21
  • Magellan Explorer : Built in Chile to the latest Polar Code specifications and launched in 2019, this ship offers seven accommodation categories, most with private balconies. It has a glass-walled observation and presentation room, dining room, bar, library, meeting room, gym, sauna and infirmary. It is equipped with a fleet of 10 Zodiacs for landings and wildlife observation.
  • Ocean Nova : Built in Denmark in 1992, this ship is robust and agile, ideal for expedition trips in Antarctica. It offers exterior cabins with panoramic windows and has an observation lounge, dining room, bar, library and a small gym.

Key benefits :

  • Comfort : Avoid Drake Passage and its stormy weather.
  • Speed : Get to Antarctica quickly and save time.
  • Size : Enjoy the experience of a smaller boat, in a small group.

Itineraries :

  • Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise (8 days/7 nights) : Their most popular itinerary offering a complete Antarctic experience. Rates from USD $11,495​​.
  • Polar Circle Air-Cruise (10 days / 9 nights) : Explore Antarctica in depth, sailing further south towards the Antarctic Circle. Rates from USD $15,995​​.
  • Antarctica Express Air-Cruise (6 days / 5 nights) : An introductory and affordable expedition experience. Rates from USD $5,995​​.

Life on board : Enjoy a boutique hospitality experience, with varied and high-quality meals, cozy common areas and personalized services. Their team of expert polar guides guarantees an unforgettable experience sharing their knowledge about the geography, natural history and ecology of the region.

Frequent questions :

travel season

The travel season to Antarctica is from November to March, coinciding with the southern summer. Although there are differences depending on the month in which you travel, for example the light, the fauna and the temperatures. We always try to see the same number of attractions on each expedition.

Travel insurance

A deposit of 30% of the selected rate per person is required to confirm a reservation. Final payment must be made 90 days prior to departure.

Deposits and payments

It is important that your travel insurance includes medical transportation if necessary from Antarctica to Ushuaia for a minimum amount of US$100,000. We do not sell insurance, but we know that World Nomads insurance covers this type of cruise.

Other companies such as Allianz, Universal Assistance, the Automobile Club insurance in Spain, to name just a few, also have coverage for a trip to Antarctica but you have to find out on your own.


Cancellations received 90 days before departure will not be refunded, cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.

Cancellations received within 89 days prior to departure, including the day of departure, will not be refunded. If cancellation occurs within 89 days prior to departure and full payment has not yet been received, the cancellation penalty will still apply and all payments must be made immediately.

For these and other reasons mentioned we strongly recommend purchasing insurance covering cancellation costs.