Accommodation in Bahía Bustamante: all options

Bahía Bustamante, a unique corner in the vast expanse of Argentine Patagonia, offers a unique lodging experience at the Bahía Bustamante Lodge . This place is not only a refuge in the middle of a stunning natural landscape, but also a journey through the history and culture of the region.

The Legacy of the Bahía Bustamante Lodge

Founded in the 1950s by Lorenzo Soriano, a Spanish immigrant, the Bahía Bustamante Lodge began as an establishment dedicated to seaweed harvesting. More than a simple lodge, this place was the heart of a community of more than 400 Algueros and their families, with a school, church, police, grocery store and a club, making up a true “town.” Today, under the direction of Soriano’s descendant generations, the Lodge offers its guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history and live the experience of the pioneers of this remote corner of Patagonia.

Types of Accommodation at the Lodge

The Bahía Bustamante Lodge has two types of accommodation to adapt to the different needs and tastes of its visitors:

Bahía Bustamante Lodge
Bahía Bustamante Ranch

Superior Sea Houses : These 4 houses, located on the sea, offer a premium accommodation experience. Each one has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, mini bar and a terrace facing the sea. Guests will enjoy full board (except drinks) and various activities. The houses are equipped with a coffee machine, exclusive wine cellar, Bluetooth speaker and large windows for an unparalleled view of the sea. Maximum capacity: 4 people.

Bahia Bustamante
Bahia Bustamante

Estepa Houses : For those who prefer a simpler experience, the 5 Estepa Houses are the ideal option. Located overlooking the steppe and a few steps from the sea, these houses have a double bedroom, bathroom, living room with an additional bed, and a kitchen equipped with the essentials. Every two houses share a grill. Maximum capacity: 3 people.

Important Tips for Visitors

It is crucial to remember that Bahía Bustamante is a remote location and does not have a warehouse. Therefore, it is recommended to make all necessary purchases before arriving at the lodge. The nearest supermarket is 90 km away in Camarones , or at greater distances in Comodoro Rivadavia or Trelew.

Accommodation Options in Camarones

For those who prefer to stay outside of Bahía Bustamante, Camarones is an alternative 87 kilometers away. Although the gravel road can make the trip take almost two hours, Camarones offers good accommodation options. The El Faro cabins , located in the center of town and close to the coast and the best local restaurant, are an excellent option. There are also container accommodations about 8 km north of the town, offering a unique experience close to nature.

Whether you choose the comfort and history of Lodge Bahía Bustamante or the simplicity of the options at Camarones, this region of Patagonia awaits you with unforgettable experiences and breathtaking landscapes.